Here at Gray Wolf Games you feel everyone must have the chance to make new friends at the gaming table. That is why we are so proud to develop unique and new experiences for classic tabletop gamers beginning with Wu Wei: The Broken Sword. In this game, players take on the roll of Ying Yang twins – a deadly duo that attacking their enemies with devastating attacks and powerful magic attacks. But this too isn’t alone in their bid to save the kingdom from the wicked King Feng of Feng Shui.

As you may not know, in real life there are four different types of dogs. And in wolf form they are all foursome. They are the polar, the brown, the snow white, and the black. This is the same way that you can play the game as well. You can be a wolf who is fearful of humans, a fearless wolf who is brave and protective, or a ghost wolf who is a bit moody and not so friendly.

This was a twist on the normal werewolves you see in free wolf games online. I wanted to give them a whole new look so I took some liberties with the actual characters and changed their colour schemes. Now there are grey wolves with big red eyes, brown werewolves with big yellow eyes, and black werewolves with big black eyes. They are all very well illustrated and come with full colour animated manuals.

If you are more into the spiritual side of things then you will enjoy the fully illustrated manuals that accompanied the four new free wolf games I found on the Wolf Web. There are spiritual wolves that attack other wolves using their magical powers while protecting their own homes. There are also spiritual wolves that protect the villages along with their residents. And there are wild wolves that are not as nice, these are the wolves you run from instead of being helpful.

To play these fun and exciting wolf games you need to select the one that fits your taste and your lifestyle. If you like to hunt then you will be able to play the hunting games. If you enjoy watching wildlife then you might want to try the wildlife video games. And if you are into playing free Wolf games and don’t like any of the ones I listed then you should try the virtual villagers. All of these are fun games with many different options so you can choose what fits your interests.

The Wolf simulator wild animals 3d game is my favourite of all the ones I have played. It is so lifelike it brings me out of myself and really feels like the real thing. My daughter and I love to play together and even when we are not at home having some fun on the computer together we are still creating cute little stories about the animals we are seeing. You also have a choice of different environments to explore, and different events to partake in. This makes each scene even more interesting, and the best Wolf games tend to be more engrossing than others. So if you are looking for the best Wolf simulator game and would like to spend some quality time with your kids playing some fun games I highly recommend you check out Sheep Party: Wildfire on Steam.