For the past couple of decades, people have been enjoying the grand Theft Auto games. The franchise however, has always been about more than just stealing and committing crimes. The player would have to go through different levels and complete challenges to advance the game. The latest in the franchise however is called Liberty City. This new release not only takes us back to the fun and exciting moments of the old but also brings the series to a whole new level.

In this latest installment, the storyline revolves around the rise of the newly empowered criminal syndicate the Fagin. As crime rises and the economy suffer, the power struggle between the two warring factions reaches a climax with the death of an important member of the opposition. With that being said, the power vacuum arises and the rivals try to take over the city. However, a mysterious benefactor tries to stop the conflict from going too far. The power struggle between the two sides further implicates the dark side of the franchise as the villain tries to acquire the freedom of the city.

The plot basically revolves around the protagonist getting into the business of theft auto. After getting caught once, the protagonist is given a chance to live a clean life by joining the resistance against the opposing faction. The story line also involves the player’s vehicle as the player makes important decisions regarding the way he or she will progress throughout the game. Some of the Liberty City Stories add certain features like weapon upgrading, special ability usage and vehicle customization. Apart from these, there are other features available to make the game more exciting and realistic.

The game provides a wide variety of settings and themes making each experience unique. From huge cities to small locales, the freedom to choose the setting allows players to feel like they have the place as they kick off their character’s journey in Liberty City. With the introduction of new settings though, the Liberty City shifted its focus towards more tropical locales. This gave way to Grand Theft Auto V, which used the San Andreas network as its backdrop. However, the story of the San Andreas still follows the tale of the protagonist trying to achieve personal freedom through crime; this time though, he has the help of an extraordinary criminal organization.

The first part of the GTA Games, the Liberty City Stories expansion pack, included the return of famous characters like the developer, Sam Houser, and the director, Yves Saint Laurent. This time, the story revolves about the character of Franklin, who is taken under the wings of SAM, a wealthy businessman. As the story progresses, we get to learn more about the man’s rise to power and rise to the occasion, as he tries to maintain the peace in his city while at the same time providing for the people’s needs through theft auto. In the second part, The Ballad of Gaylord, the storyline focused on the rise of a new political party in London, the Fagin Party, and attempts to steal the elections from incumbent Prime Minister John Major’s party.

The third part of the expansion pack, the Grand Theft Auto V Storyline, picks up after Franklin is framed for the attempted assassination of the current Prime Minister, John Major. While appearing in-game, Franklin can choose to accept the contract offered by the Wanted Men, or else seek out help from other factions, including the Italian Vigiano group and the Russian Mafia, as well as other international gangs, such as the Turkish Mafia. After completing one of these side quests, you will be given the chance to shoot down some new vehicles, including the Batmobile, ambulance, truck, and even a prison van that are transporting a shipment of gold in the game. Additionally, during this mission, you also have the chance to shop for weapons and other objects in the various stores scattered around town. Finally, on the last day of the campaign, you can even win the grand prize as well as complete all the secondary objectives, which include shooting down a number of aircrafts, hijacking vehicles, and even stealing the helicopter and controlling it in flight.